Talking about the hardness that is not indelicate and a sequence of finely beautiful is the first thing that designer thought about white oak. It has special features that are worth bringing up in creating different shapes for a product such as furniture.  TRIM Armchair designed from the unique species of wood which can cutting into various shaped such as cylindrical, rectangle corner and opening the surface of wood to show it pure surface.

The most important thing about TRIM series is production process of trimming or cutting a wood until it got a different shape and work is captivating in every detail. Special proportion of armchair with armrest which is designed to have a certain height due to it is a solution for armchair that must be kept under the table without touching the edge of the table. This is create a tidiness include comfortably and usable. The backrest is height-degree relative to ergonomic user. We have several tests by sitting for a long time and it was actually work.

Wood (material) communicates natural language with humans through touching. To choose wood as the main material for specific designs, you must pay attention from the selection of materials until complete work under the elaborate production without wasting any wood are the most important thing that designer is care about. Every steps has been planned carefully since timber split into a piece of wood, thickness of  material must be losses as low as possible consistent with the beauty of this design.





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dimension : W58 D55 H73.5 cm

wood : white oak , maple , teak

designer : Purim K.

Factory : champaca co.,ltd.

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