The observation and awareness of current life style is the charm that can be resulting from the special paring of two functionally piece of work. Currently the demand of consumer’s lifestyle and function are need developing all the time which hard to sustain.

Before creating a new design, we should pay attention on what is important and penetrate directly to the new urban lifestyle of consumer. Nowadays people using bicycles to travel and it considered as one of the most environmentally, value and intrusive, in every house or condominium. Consumers are starting to travel by bicycle. Therefore, this design specially designing with a function that compatible and reflects on the new lifestyle of consumer.

“Very simplicity, clean line, functionally, smooth touching” are limitation of design words for this piece of work. This side table is simplicity but disguise with the function that can park your bicycle behind the work. The reason is because bicycle can be seen as furniture in our house which needs to be keeping neat. However, if consumer did not use this product with bicycle it still can be use as a side table that featured with beautiful design of storage and various choices of materials.

Two functions product is the keyword of this piece of work under concept of making the new use on the basis of the original product. It is consistent with new living life style and giving a new role of this work piece.





@ TIMMER 2015

web design by Purim K.

dimension : W160 D70 H70 cm

wood : white oak , maple , teak

designer : Purim K.

Factory : champaca co.,ltd.


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